Extended tags disappeared

I have installed the new rev. 3.17 and all of my created "extended tags" have disappeared from display.
After a lot of updates in the last years I never had this problem.
Names and data are shown for every single song in the rubric "View" - "Extended Tags". But I failed in showing these extended tags on display. The "standard tags" are shown as usual.
Is all the data of extended tags stored in a special file ?
Thank you very much for help !

Did you follow these notes when you installed the new version?

To customize your tag panel, see the documentation:

Thanks for your info. I did not update for some months until I yesterday updated to 3.17 - 64-bit (windows 10). So I now installed an old version by chance 3.01 - 32-bit. But the problem that the extended tags do not appear in the list did not disappear. So I assume that not the update to 3.17 caused the problem but I probably did something I did not intend at the end of my last activity some months ago.
Is there a special command to hide and show the the extended tags on screen ?

Alt-T opens the extended tags dialogue.
Ctrl-Q shows and hides the tag panel.

But if you mean your configuration of extra fields in the tag panel then you either would have to load that configuration (if you ever saved that) or you have to configure the extra fields from scratch.

hi ohrenkino,

thank you very much for your help. In the meantime I realized that all my customized columns have disappeared (I do not know why) and I have to create them new, which will be a work for some hours.
Also my customized export files are gone - very strange.

Many thanks


Could it be that you not only switched from 32- to 64-bit program but also from a portable to a standard installation?
Where did you install MP3tag in the old days?
Do you see a folder called DATA in that installation folder?
Does that hold your customized files?

hi ohrenkino,

as far as I remember I always installed the standard installation.

The problem is already solved because I created all new columns of the extended tags and it turned out that all the data of these tags was not lost and appeared again in the list of nearly 5000 rows.

The lost export functions I have to reestablish but this is not so much work.

So my problem is solved.

Thank you very much for your quick help.


This was announced on May 24, 2022. Any prior installations were all 32-bit. So if you applied the "standard" update using the 64-bit version for your PC you would have to do so following the suggested guidance that was provided for this, one time.

I'm repeating myself, but I want to stress this for everyone involved: the configuration settings are no different between 32-bit and 64-bit.

The note on uninstalling the 32-bit version before upgrading is recommended mainly so that no two versions are installed in the respective Program Files folders. You can even keep the settings when uninstalling.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit are using the settings under %APPDATA%\Mp3tag when installed via a Standard installation.

Thanks for the info !