Extended Tags (Erweitete Tags)

Hi Florian,

I am running a internet radio (www.country-radio.eu) and I got a lot of songs from artist. But the MP3-tags are not filled out in the right way. To do it cost me a lot of time and therefore I try to write a documentation how to use MP3tag and fill out the tags in the right way. But I discovered some problems.

  • I could not figure out how to specify a new TXXX or COMM field.

  • If I specify a non standard field, MP3tag creates a usually a new TXXX tag, but always change the characters to capital letters, what I think is not the right way. In ID3 only the frame names are defined as capital letters!

  • If somebody is using the 4 character frame name, MP3tag is creating a new TXXX frame. For example. TDRL. Therefore you have to know the MP3tag name. For TDRL it is RELEASETIME and not "Date Release".

  • There is also a problem with the ID3 specification about Publisher (TPUB). The documentation says, the name of the label or publisher. Usually it is used for the label, because it is more important for the people.
    To avoid problems, I am using TXXX: Label und TXXX: Publisher to make it absolutly clear, but this is in my opinion not possible with MP3tag. Because PUBLISHER is always used for TPUB.

I am sure, you had a reason to implement it in this "simple" way, but if you see, it has some limitations, due to missing flexibility.
If it would be not simple, to change the Extended Tag view, I would recommended to implement an expert view, which shows also the 4-character frame name, allowed to add directly TXXX and COMM frames and also not convert them atomatically to capital letters.

Thanks, HGA

I am not sure whether you had a look at the documentation:

as otherwise you would not have stated that

In the documentation you may find all the internal names that MP3tag uses.

is only valid for MP3 tags. FLAC, MP4 etc. use different names in many cases.
And as you can tag all those file types at the same time and you don't have to take care into which field type the information is mapped in the end, if find not at all that

but the contrary is true: the user is very flexible to edit tag data and is not limited to the confines of a special tag version.
In respect to the case of tag field names, see this thread: