Extended Tags - iTunes "Downloaded By"


Using [this thread], I have already learned how to remove my iTunes email address using the Extended Tags in MP3Tag v2.50 (and have done so on a large number of tracks so far).

Now I would also like to remove the "Downloaded By" portion of my tags as well. This "Downloaded By" comes from downloading my tracks using iTunes Match (as opposed to purchasing through the iTunes store and producing a "Purchased By" tag).

Here are screenshots of both the iTunes Tag Panel, showing the "Downloaded By" tag which contains my 'First Name Last Name'...

...and the MP3Tag v2.50 Tag Panel not showing any "Downloaded By" information.

If the "Downloaded By" info does not show up under the Extended Tags, is there any other way to dig it up using MP3Tag v2.50?

Note: I have also referenced [this thread] and [this thread] regarding Extended Tags, as well as Searching and perusing the forums, but none of that led me to a solution yet.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

How to strip ITUNNORM Soundcheck values from multiple tracks?

If it does not show up in the extended tags it is probably stored in the iTunes database.
The only way around would be to delete the tracks from iTunes and then reread them with iTunes.
Also, it may be a good idea to rename the files just a little bit.


You could try:

Go to Options>Tags>Mpeg and check all three fields at "Remove"

Then test with a file the following three steps:

  • copy tags
  • remove tags
  • paste tags

No idea if that helps.


Thank you both for your suggestions. It appears as if ohrenkino is correct in thinking that this bit of information is only part of the iTunes database. I tried what pone suggested, but to no avail. I have also tried opening the tags in Media Monkey, as I've heard in the past that it manages tags well. But, it doesn't show nearly as many fields as MP3Tag even.

It seems the only foolproof way to strip this information is to re-encode within iTunes (so, Right Click > Create AAC (or MP3 or whatever file type you have setup in Edit/Preferences/Import Settings - I use 256kbps AAC, which produces an .m4a file), but that comes with the very real chance of losing some audio quality, even if you're converting from filetype/bitrate to the exact same filetype/bitrate. I did a couple test files and noticed the new files, while stripped of the "Downloaded By" info, actually increased in size by 0.1 MB. Not a giant change, of course, but having a library of 55,000 tracks - 65% of which (a wild guess) were iTunes Matched and downloaded via iTunes, this would be quite the ridiculous undertaking (and an estimated increase of 3,575MB, or 3.575GB of not-new information).

Since there is no definitive way to sort by "Downloaded By" using Smart Playlists - only by manually opening each individual tag, one by one - it's probably not even worth going down that road.

Thanks again for your help and suggestions.


If the information is really only in the itunes database, renameing the files or moving them out of the itunes watched folders should be enough.

I think most probably the tag field is encoded in some non open format that only Apple knows how to read and write.


Just tried moving the file and renaming it, but that info still shows up. I guess Apple isn't keen on making this easy without re-encoding. <_<


Another simple try would be deleting the three itunes... tag fields which show up in the etended tag screenshot above.


Tried that too with no luck.

Searched around and found explanations for the three:
ITUNESMEDIATYPE is self-explanatory.
ITUNNORM is a hexadecimal value that normalizes volume ranges.
ITUNSMPB declares how much encoder delay AAC has.


If you open those files with an Hex Editor you will see the information listed:

ftypM4A M4A mp42isom r›moov lmvhd #iPËË h} ¬D ˜@ @ øtrak \tkhd #iPËË h} ˜@ @ ”mdia mdhd #iPËË h} ¬D ˜@ "hdlr soun Jminf smhd $dinf dref url stbl €vstsd €fmp4a ¬D 3esds €€€" €€€@ Ô è €€€€€€ sbtd I16 °pinf frmamp4a schm itun schi userP4× cert XrighveID ·plat aver tranË ÑsongËw@toolP442medi mode name And here is my Name

The only (Safe) way to get rid of this is to re-encode the file to for example mp3 as the information is stored within the m4a / aac file.

(Unsafe) You could try to remove your name with an Hex Editor from each music file, but I didn't not test this so you have to try and see if it works (It could render your music file useless, so try it on a back up copy)