Extended tags written but not shown by tag panel

I have some extended tags that get written when I fill in the fields, but they aren't shown in the tag panel after I save them (I can see they are indeed saved by looking at the extended tags) as illustrated in the following:
Here, I've filled in most fields but the artists are sorting wrong

So I fill in my desired artist sort order

When I hit the save button, the Artist Sort fields disappear from the tag panel (although I can still see them in extended tags).

Any suggestions for how to make them visible in the tag panel greatly appreciated.


What is your definition behind your tag panel field "Artist Sort"?
Could you please show it?

If I try it this way:
I can save multiple artists and they will be displayed as expected in the tag panel, divided with two backslashes \\

According to Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation the field should be ARTISTSORT (or ALBUMARTISTSORT), but without ORDER... I assume, that is valid for *.flac files too.

Thanks for the response, LyricLover. Mine looks the same as yours.
Which got me wondering why it writes to ARTISTSORTORDER rather than ARTISTSORT, and I think the reason is this

While I suppose one option is to try to change the Column, my music server understands this particular tag names, and I am worried about downstream collateral damage. Also, this is far from my only customized fields that my music server uses to build out menus specific to the way I like to listen to music, and they all exhibit the same behavior. Is there some way I can edit arbitrarily-named tags and still see them in the tag panel?

It does not make always sense to show the field contents of a user-defined field (which may not exist) and then write that to a standard field.
The correct statement in Value would be
I would first see what happens if you get the references for Field and Value straight and then start experimenting with the more user-defined fields.
I doubt that player really support user-defined fields better than standard fields.

Thanks for the response, Ohrenko. While Artist Sort Order may not be the best example since there is a corresponding standard tag as you point out, the challenge is that I use scads of SQL to generate my own highly personal menus on the player (using the LMS CustomBrowse plugin) based on my own tagging ontology.

Is it really impossible to read user-defined fields in the tag panel? It seems surprising because writing them from the tag panel works fine.

AFAIK it works perfectly fine.
The only prerogative is that the name does not start with an underscore.

So it would help if you could show as screendump the definitions for the tag panel field.

Thanks, ohrenkino. Here are some screenshots. Let me know if there are others you want to see.


Tools/Options/Tag Panel/Artist Sort/Edit Field

View/Customize Columns/Artist Sort

In case it's helpful, these tags are in FLAC files. I also tried setting the field value to $meta_sep(%artistsort%,\\) as you suggested and got the same behavior.

Any thoughts as to why it's not working appreciated,


As far as I can see, you have not got the mapping right.
I would, actually, refrain from using the pait ARTISTSORT ARTISTSORTORDER completely.

The way I understand it, you have the field ARTISTSORTORDER in FLAC files but you want to treat it as ARTISTSORT in MP3tag.

If yu check out the help on mapping, then the mechanism takes the fields ARTISTSORTORDER from the file and shows it as ARTISTSORT in MP3tag. From now on, you should not use ARTISTSORTORDER in any field definition - it should always and only be ARTISTSORT.
As soon as you use ARTISTSORTORDER in the fields, you create a user-defined field.
For VORBI COMMENTS, I think it does not matter whether the field is standard or user-defined.
So if you player relies on ARTISTSORTORDER, then use that field name throughout and this name will also appear in the FLAC file.

Well here's a surprise. When I got rid of the tag mapping, it started showing the extended tag as ARTISTSORT in all my existing previously-tagged files. It also started appearing in the tag panel. For example, here's how the song shown in my original post now displays even though I didn't retag it at all.

Could it be that the tag was always ARTISTSORT and the mapping was causing all of the display anomalies?

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I would say so. It was a mix-up of source and target and the use of both.

Thanks for all your help sorting this out!