Extended Tags

All of the extended tags listed in mp3tag, are these a 'Standard' common in ID3 tagging?

I've been around ID3 tagging since it started, but I've never bothered to use any applications to tag my songs. I just fiddled around in the past using Winamp, and EasyTag in Linux was all, never really doing much, just adding in a few simple fields to the songs, like, albums, artists, tracks, etc...

Now that I've started using mp3tag I noticed a big list of extended tags. When I was playing with tagscanner I noticed that program did not list all of these extended tags, so I wrote to the developer of that program asking why, or why it won't at least show them so you can change or remove them.

So is this a common standard amongst ID3 tagging all of these extended tags, or are some of these just exclusive to mp3tag, and if someone where to play with other tag editors might they find other extended tags as well in those applications also?


Ok someone told me this:

Simple answer: some yes, some no.

Reason: Some of those fields are clearly defined in the standard. Some others are simply "custom fields". The possibility to add custom fields is part of the standard, but there is no official "list" as for WHICH fields should be used for what. Think of them as "user fields".

Ok so if this is somewhat of a user field, then does mp3tag under the 'Extended Tag' window show you everything that could be added in from someone else, or another application?

I want to make sure that I can see everything when I edit the tags, and nothing hidden is there that mp3tag doesn't have the ability to see. If you understand what I am saying, there are many id3 editors out there that won't list all of these tags, and I don't want stuff in there I'm not aware of, or don't need, I want to see it all...


The ID3 standard frames (some may call it tags :sunglasses: ) could be found here:


User (and application frames) should be defined with e.g. TXXX User defined text information frame or WXXX but also COMM (e.g. with the value MusicMatch_Preference=Excellent) is used - beside other specials which could be found here under Unofficial Frames Seen in the Wild ... and so on ...

Which frame is cover art handled in? More importantly, what is the MP3Tag reference to the cover art image frames?

APIC frame

thanks dano