Extending Genre config to extended tag panel

Hello , may I please request that the config elements of the genre section of the tag panel are extended to the genre section of the extended tag panel ?

The elements in the extended tags dialogue do not have a drop-down list.
While in the tag panel you can select any entry from the currently selected files from the field's drop-down list you do not have that in the extended tags dialogue.
This is not to criticize the request just to show my impression that the extended tags dialogue is something different.

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humm , I've been tagging exclusively from the extended tags panel , 99% in batch mode , aka applying setting to all files in a folder .

tbh , I've not used the left hand panel , and thus wasn't even aware of the possibility of a drop down list .

I think that this is the main purpose of the tag panel: applying the settings to all selected files.
The tag panel is configurable and shows by default the most commonly used fields, esp. those that would share the same data between files (with a lot exceptions, tbh). But to get the same genre, year, albumartist, album, language into the files, the tag panel is the fastest way to enter that data as you can jump from field to field (without hitting the edit or new button , entering the data, clicking ok, edit next field) and save the modification after you have finished editing.

fair enough , though for me i can do most of my work with the extended panel and mouse clicks , I am not anywhere near proficient on a keyboard .

right click rules in my world :slight_smile: