Extra space in Title?


Sorry if I'm asking what has already been answered. Tried to serach, found nothing...

Anyway, when I use the Cmd+2 shortcut, to convert Filename to Tag, there's always an extra space character at the beginning of the Title. No matter how I tried to set the formatstring, this alawys happens.
BTW, I name all my files this way: Artist - Title.
Between the Artist and the Title, there's a space, then a hyphen, then a space again. I do this for ages, had no problem before this Mac version.
The extra space occurs when I add "Title" to the formatstring.

Anyone else with such experience?


Can you check if the formatstring for Filename - Tag also has the space included, i.e.,

%artist% - %title%

It has to include space, otherwise the tag disappears.
Please take a close look at this screenshot (1): the file name is proper:
Giovanni Lucchetti - Piccolezze.mp3

But in the string, where I preview what the Artist and Title will look like after converting, the extra space is there.
If I remove the space in the Formatstring, the "title" disappears.
If I press "Convert", the resulting Title tag will have an extra space at the beginning, and - as I just found out - an extra space after the Artist. See screenshot 2.!
(If i place the cursor at the end of Artist, it's visible.

01|561x335 02

Here's the first screenshot: 01

It seems like the spaces around the dash are missing in the formatstring. You can see this in the preview, where there is an extra space between Title: and Piccolezze.

It also seems that there is no space between %artist% and - in the Formatstring field.

So please try this formatstring and let me know what happens:

Yep. Using the string %artist% - %title% instead selecting them from the dropdown menu solved my problem.

Thanks, Florian! :star_struck:

Glad it's working now :slight_smile:

By the way: even if you use the field dropdown menu, you'd add the spaces and the dash manually. The dropdown menu is only a shorthand to add the individual fields (i.e., %artist%, %title%, ...), not what's in between.

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