Extract album art : hidden by default?

Hello everyone,

When I'm extracting the album art (Windows 7), it seems that by default it is extracted but hidden.

How could I make it visible by default?

Thanks a lot, I'm loving this software more and more.

If you let mp3tag create files named folder.jpg then it could be that windows grabs them and transforms them into system files (as they were in vista and xp). These are hidden and read only.

Please note: WMP12 does not need extracted album art in folder.jpg files any more.

If you want to make all your folder.jpg visible and writable, use the command shell cmd.exe and navigate to the topmost folder of your music library.
Then enter the command:
attrib -r -h *.jpg /s
This removes the attributes "read-only" and "hidden" from all jpg files in all subdirectories.
MP3tag does not write any of these attributes while exporting.

ohrenkino seems to say that Mp3tag does not create hidden extracted art files. Any embedded art that I have extracted has been visible.

However, I have noticed something that may explain what you are experiencing. Sometimes (not necessarily with Mp3tag but at other times), when I copy or move a file, it does not appear where I expect until I right click where it should be and then click "Refresh".

Maybe your extracted art files are invisible even if they do not have the hidden attribute.

Also, it may be a good idea to update Mp3tag.

Thanks a lot, I'll try that.