Extract Album Art of 1000's songs

I'm french so please scused me for my bad english.

My problem is that I have a pocket PC which runs Windows Media Player Mobile. This one to show the album art of the song playing needs to have the album art in jpg.
As I manage my covers with iTunes, they are embedded to the song and Windows MEdia Player Mobile doesn't show anything (whereas Media Player desktop shows the right cover!)
So I'd like your program to extract in mass the album art of each song in its own folder (supposing that they are organized as C:\Music[Artist][Album]\Song.mp3

Is your program able to do that? How?

I hope I'm clear and understandable



  • Create a new Action (Alt+5)
  • Set a label for this action like "Export my Covers"
  • Choose the Action-Type 'Export Cover-Art'
    (I'm not sure, in german its called 'Album-Cover exportieren')
  • Choose the desired format-string for the covername, like %artist% - %title%
    (or whatever you need as covername)

Select some testsongs (that includes covers) and have a look if your action works.