Extract album name from path name with string operations

Hi everyone,

I have tons of MP3s organized in folders like this

[CATNO] Artist - Album Name (Year)
for instance:
[FRD127] Tony Lionni - Treat Me Right (2009)
It would be great if I'd be able to extract the album (for the album tag) from the directory name in the form of:
[FRD127] Treat Me Right (2009)
essentially removing everything between the first occurrence of '] ' and the first occurrence of '- '. So far I am aware of $replace, $strstr, etc. but I just can't figure out how to put it together with all the parameters and so on (at least for a non-techie). Any help is highly appreciated.



I think I figured it out: I ended up using the file name to tag conversion with following setup:

%album% %artist% - %album%\%track% %dummy% - %title%
That way I worked around the scripting functions.

Thanks anyway.

Why don't you use the function "filename - tag"

with a pattern that looks like this:

%dummy%] %artist% - %album% (%year%)\%dummy%

the important bit is the backslash in front of the second %dummy%. This tells the mask to take parts of the path as well.
While you type along the mask you should see in the preview whether the mask suits you.

Alright, that's even more convenient. I didn't realize at first that I can work with folder names as part of the conversion pattern, which is awesome and does the trick.

Thanks for your help