Extract and Reformat/Re-place Date

I am brand new to this world of MP3 tagging, so I'm not very familiar with the language. For several days I was renaming every single field by hand, which obviously was not necessary. But now I've figured out how to do several things, like renaming the columns/fields appropriately "automatically" and deleting extraneous stuff in brackets/parentheses, moving strings around, etc.

The main issue I haven't been able to figure out is reformatting the date in the filename. The dates on the MP3's I'm dealing with are like this 390226, which means 2-26-1939 (Feb. 26, 1939).

I want the date to look like: 2-26-1939

In kind of dummed-down MP3 language, could someone tell me if that's possible, and if so, how to do it? I would really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, you do not give an actual filename, so I can supply ony the transformation for the date - but as you probably want to keep the rest of the filename you would have to fit in some wildcards for that also.
And another thing: it would be much easier if you could start from a structured piece of data which means that the date resides in field of its own.

To split up a 6-digit number and rearrange it, use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field, here probably _FILENAME
Enter as search string
Enter as replace string:

as you add the "19" manually it will only work for dates from the last century.

I'm sorry I didn't include the full filename. I've made them look like: Title - 000000 (the date)
(I rearranged and deleted everything I could, so at least the strings are in the order I want them to be.)

And I want to keep the full date in the title/filename on purpose. These are old radio broadcasts, so the date to me is as important/interesting as the title, so want that up front and center.

Thank you for the solution! I'll work on it tomorrow. (And if I need to do something additional with wildcards, like you mentioned, I'd be happy to hear a suggestion for that, as well.)

If you are new to MP3 tagging as you claim in the initial post then try to get around the features of the embedded tags which may store much more information than just the filename. The filename is not the title. It is just a property needed by the filesystem to address a file.

So what I would do is use the converter "Filename - Tag" and import the already existing data from the filenames with the mask
%title% - %broadcast_date%

Then I would start the "Replace with regular expression" action that I described before for the field BROADCAST_DATE.
Once the BROADCAST_DATE has the correct format I would rewrite the filename with the converter "Tag-Filename" and the mask
%title% - %broadcast_date%

BTW: BROADCAST_DATE is a user-defined field that proabably will not be displayed by players - if you want to have a public long date you may use RELEASETIME but this also requires a (dummy) time.

ohrenkino, I followed all your directions, and it worked!!! I can't believe it! It's like magic.

At first, after doing the "replace with real expression," I thought the number/date conversion hadn't taken effect, because I didn't see a change in the filename at that point. But then I went on to do the convert Tag-Filename with the string you suggested, and voila, perfect! Amazing. Thank you so, so much. I so appreciate your help!