Extract and remove comments from multiple folders.

I need to extract comments from multiple files, and then remove said comments.

So, I created an export configuration for my needs (a reduced version of 'txt_taglist', focused on titles and comments).

Here are the problems:

  1. I cannot bundle the export of the comments with the removal of the comments in the same action. If I do so, the comments txt file turn out empty. They have to be in two different actions.

  2. My ideal export situation would be to extract one text file containing all comments from each album folder: but if I try to do this recursively for all album folders in a given container folder, the script generates only one file for the container folder.
    And if I check the "one file per directory" option, it still creates one single file for the container folder, but keeps overwriting it with the information from all the folders.

As a result, I have to get into each separate folder, play the "extract all comments" action, then play the "remove all comments" actions, than manually switch to another folder.

Is there any workaround to speed up this process? Thanks!

  1. Change $filename(txt) at the beginning to

It will create a comments.txt file in each folder.