extract cover problem

I just realized that all my extracted folder.jpg are at 200x200. I would have thought that the default would be to save at original size. I found posts here with scripts to save multiple cover arts to multiple sizes, but nothing that says how to extract covers to original size (most of my embedded art is around 500x500). Can anyone please tell me how to do this?

Mp3tag does not change the cover size when it extracts embedded covers.
How do you extract the images with Mp3tag?

It looks like the problem is actually WMP (I have v11 installed). I do not like the Apple\iTunes method of embedding album art in the music file, seems like useless file system bloat to me. I had always used WMP and just kept the folder.jpg up to date. My wife unfortunately uses iTunes so I had been going back and embedding the album art with mp3tag (typically 500x500ish), then extracting the cover to folder.jpg with mp3tag to ensure the folder had the updated art as well. It seems that some iteration of WMP has actually made folder.jpg a system file (along with 3 other hidden system album art jpg's). With WMP 11, mp3tag fails to overwrite folder.jpg, I am assuming because it is a system file now. I deleted folder.jpg, extracted the cover with mp3tag and successfully created a 500x500 NON system file folder.jpg. However, when WMP looked at that folder again it overwrote it with a 200x200 version and changed it back to a system file...