Extract Date from filename and create tag

I am trying to convert the filename for OTR radio programs to something I can better sort.

I have files for example with the name 19450521 157 28m55s Man Who Bought Death and I want the track name to be 1945-05-21 - Man Who Bought Death.

I have been playing with the actions but have yet to get this to work. I would prefer to do this in a batch as I have 1000's of files in this format and the media I just received has it as in the example.

Can someone point out if this can be done or not in a batch?

Thank you

You could try an action of the type "Format tag field" or use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for whatever target field you need
Format string: $regexp(%your_fieldname_here%,(\d{4})(\d\d)(\d\d) \d+.*s (.*),$1-$2-$3 - $4)