Extract genre from Discogs or any service

I have searched through the forum, and found some topics about scripting, but i'm kinda new and dont know where to put the script. (Actions?). Could someone help me out. Id like to mass tag my library with genres from Discogs, or Musicbrainz. thanks in advance.

I found the script. But how do I run the script?

You can follow this instruction:

Ok, So I did that but the tags dont show up when I select "tag sources"

Also, will this mass tag my library? I choose other sources and a box comes up for each.

When I select a source, this search box pops up. Do i need to do this for every track? I was hoping to mass tag my library.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 143747

the biggest chunk that can be editted in 1 go is an album.

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It really depends on how big your total library is, and what your personal preferences are as well for the genre tag.

If for example you typically have one genre you define by artist, then you can simply filter for all tracks by that artist and tag them in one shot locally. Without using a web source.

If this isn't ideal, you could consider at least doing it by album. If you are doing it this way you can either select all tracks from that album and manually enter the genre, or use the web source tool if you aren't sure.

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