Extract multiple cover art from multiple MP3

Hi there,

I´m just trying to find a solution for my problem:

I need to extract multiple cover arts (i.e. front cover + back cover + inlay + label) in each mp3 from multiple mp3s. They should also be named corectly after beein exported from the tags.

With actions, I can extract covers to files. But I didn´t find any way to do this, if there are multiple covers stored in the tag.

O.K. if I use the option "export duplikates", I get all covers exported, but all with the same Name (numbered ascending) and worse - all identical Covers of all tracks of one album.

If I don´t use that option, I only get the first cover.

I found this thread - nearly the same question. But if I get it right, there´s also no answer to that problem.

is it possible to extract multiple cover art ?

Does anyone know a solution to do this automated ?

Any help is highly appreciated..