Extract only one name from artist to the albumartist

In the artist field, I have the following formatting convention.

Artist1; Artist2; Artist3

How can I copy only the first name that appears in the artist field, to the albumartist with the Format value action?

Does it have to be that type of action?
If not, you could try "Guess value"
Source: %artist%
Target: %albumartist%; %dummy%

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No any action would do. It copies the first field. Thank you.

I am having a slight issue. If I have one artist name (without any other artists separated by a semicolon), I would like to copy that artist in the albumartist field. And if there are multiple artists separated by a semicolon, then copy the first artist, per your post above. Is it possible with one action?

Yes, with a cludge.
Use the action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %artist%; %artist%
Target: %albumartist%; %dummy%

This produces always the pattern of a string with semicolon as separator. And as you only want to get the first part, it does not matter, how many parts follow the first semicolon and whether they each have different contents.


That's great, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!