Extract remix information

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How to do this? :

Prescribe in the remix box (mix) of the author of the remix / mix if in the title field or in the file name there is the word Rmx, remix, mix, etc.

For example:

Groove Me singer! (Dj Quicksilver Remix).
Ie in the "remix" field prescribe Dj Quicksilver "but only if the word remix or the like appears in the name field" or in the file name, if it is not there, the corresponding field remains empty.

There is a folder with the name for example "[2005] Armin van Buuren - Shivers [ARMA034] CD" files are located in it.
A task:
Write the name of the folder in the track / in the field "year" (if not filled) and in the field "ISRC" from the folder name, ie take only ARMA034,
if the name of the folder is written "[2005] Armin van Buuren - Shivers [ARMA034] 2CD" then in the "disk" to prescribe 1/2 or 2/2 depending on which disc the tracks are in.
if the name of the folder has the word "Album" (album), then prescribe in the type of release - the album, if Compilation then put a dummy "compilation" in the tracks or put the type of release "compilation"
ie, depending on the presence in the name of a folder of certain words or the word-combination in which the tracks are located, prescribe in certain fields of tracks, ie, according to the conditions.

I apologize for English

I think you need to rephrase your questions. And give 2-3 examples for every case. If your English is weak, then use the most basic constructions that you can think off

I for sure have a trouble in understanding what you meant

You can use the function Covert>Filename-Tag with
[%year%]%artist% - %title% [%isrc%] %discnumber%\%dummy%

What will never work, unless the data is already in the folder name: MP3tag does not know anything about surrounding tracks so it also does not know anything about CD numbers and total CD numbers.