Extract year from title

Ok here is an example for a filename I need altered.

  1. Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix) (1991).mp3

My question is...is there a script I can use to remove the leading numbers and the space (013. ) AND extract & remove the (1991) and place just the 1991 into the year tag?

I would do this manually but I have hundreds of files like this.

Thank in advance for your help. BTW I'm using version 2.89a

I hope that you have filled the title field.
Because then you easily rewrite the filename with
Format string: %title%

If the title field is still empty and you also want to fill the YEAR field, try
Format string: %dummy%. %title% (%year%)

The same function can be used, to only get the year:
Format string: %dummy% (%year%)

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Thanks for the reply. I have all tags already situated including artist and title..the only thing missing is the year...(which is showing in the file name). What I want to do is move the year from the file name and put it in to the "year" tag without having to do this for almost 2800 songs manually.

so it is the 3rd case:

to get the year.
And then use Convert>Tag-Filename and rewrite the filename with
Format string %artist% - %title%

You rock! But this is not quite what I want. I'm so sorry...

Here is what I am trying to do...

If you notice the leading numbers in the filename are gone as well as the year (in brackets) is moved to the "year" tag. What I end up with is the file name being the artist - title with no leading numbers and the year in the proper tag.

Thank you for your patience!

Yes, I thought that is what you meant when you wrote

if you want to get the leading number back, try:
Format string $num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title%