Extracting cover art.


Is there a simple way to extract the album art to a file. I want to create a poster with all of my album art. I was told MP3TAG could do this.

I have not used MP3TAG so detailed explinations would be appreciated.



Just press Alt+5 to create an action or Ctrl+Alt+5 for a quick action and choose "Export cover to file"

Enter a path or relative filename where you want the covers to be stored.
Random examples:

The extension is created automatically from the picture type.


Sounds great but there is no option to "Export cover to file". Any ideas?

I only have the following options:
Case conversion



You must create a new action. Just click :mt_new: enter a name and then you can choose.


Thanks, worked like a charm. Except I had some ":" in my albumn names which were translated into a "-" so they did not get processed, I changed the albumn names and regenerated the file names and all was well.