Extracting embedded art and placing into folder

I have all my music stored as ALAC (Apple Lossless) files and the album art is embedded into the song files.

Now I am switching to using Winamp and using my Android phone as a remote using the aWARemote app.

The app works well, apart from the fact it does not display embedded art in ALAC files. I could convert all my files to FLAC, but I still use Itunes on occasion and want to keep them as ALAC.

So what I need to do is copy the embedded art and place it into the album folder. *Unless anyone knows of a better solution)

However, this will take me ages as I have about 1000 albums.

Is there any way I could use mp3tag to perform this for me?


There is an action to export embedded covers. I kknow, it works with mp3 files.
Proceed as follows:
Select the files which may have embedded covers.
In the toolbar press teh button "Actions (quick)".
In the combo box select "Export Album art".
Specify a name e.g. folder.jpg
Do not allow duplicates.
Press OK.
For each folder a file with the specified name will be created.

Thanks I have followed your advice.

The "Export Album Art" option on the quck actionsis actually called "Export cover to file" but that's just a detail.

Either way, it works.

However, I still have to do it one album at a time. Is ther a way I can load up all 1000 or so albums and leave it running?

Yes. If you have a folder structure that separates the albums from each other. Otherwise it is just like the "Highlander": There can only be one.

If you have separate folders for each album, you only have to navigate to the top-most folder and load all files in the subordinate folders (which is then done automatically).
Then execute the action and it will create a bitmap file in every folder.

ohrenkino, that is absolutely brilliant, I can't thank you enough. I had set Saturday aside to do this. You have saved a day of work.

More time to spend with the wife and kids :unsure: