extracting word from tag

Hi , have not been able to find a topic quite like what I'm after. I have downloaded podcasts that dont show up properly on my player so would like to modify the Album tag to fix this. the podcast comes with a tag like:Open Arms ep two 02-06-09. What I need to do is remove everything from this tag so that i am left with "two". The "ep" preceeding "two" may be the trick because it represents "episode" and is typically the word before the "two". So if I find "ep" in the string I would know "two" or "three " or whatever episode this podcast is would be the word following and that is the ony word I want to keep in the album tag. Thanks for any suggestions at all.


Assuming there is also a date string at end of the title string I would try something like this regular expression ...

Convert | Tag - Filename | ALT+1

Select format string

Format string:
$regexp('Open Arms ep two 02-06-09','^.+ ep (.+) \d\d-\d\d-\d\d$',$1)



That works perfectly! Thanks so much, I would love to be able to manipulate this stuff myself but I know I would be investing months of learning and may only use it a couple of times.

Thanks again, John