[F] 2.35k crash

I've tried 3 times now using mp3tagv235k2setup.exe and no crash.

Do you still want me to test mp3tagv235k3setup.exe ?

That would be great! Thanks!

Ok. I've tried 3 times.....and.....

no crash... :slight_smile:

Want to say something about what it was that got fixed ? (yeah, I'm a curious soul..hehe)

Great, thanks for testing.

My detecting algorithm for VBRI headers was vulnerable and missed a check for the size of a buffer I was using.

Aha!! :book:


nah...no clue :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I could help tho, and glad one bug got crushed in the process :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed with the current Development Build.

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