[F] 2.35k crash

I get the:

"Mp3tag.exe has a problem and must be closed."

Then I can choose to send an error-report to Microsoft.

I would guess that drwatson collects some information you want ?

Can you guide me on how to proceed please ?


  • My Mp3tag.exe will start automatically collecting tags for my "main mp3 folder" which has some 17k files.

More information:

AppName: mp3tag.exe AppVer: ModName: mp3tag.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00100c82


When I right-click on a folder with fewer files it works just fine....

Moderation: removed Dr. Watson report

Did you get the crash right after startup or did Mp3tag start to add files to the file view?

If the crash occurs on a specific file, move that file (or the file after the last file added) to another folder and try to reproduce the crash with this specific file. If you can crash Mp3tag repeatedly with this file, it would be great if you can send it to me.

Well....I have no idea what it is that is happening. But, I'm for some reason unable to reproduce the error consistantly on any particular file.

Once it stopped at file 1356, then 4040 and a couple of times it has run through without any error :huh:

Any ideas on how to proceed ??

Can you please try this build. Are you using MP3 or another format?

Well, I've tried 3 times now (starting and loading the HUGE nbr of files), and no crash. :slight_smile:

Is there something spesific you want me to do to try and "force" the error ?

No, seems I've fixed the error (which occured on reading APEv1 tags) :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing me to that issue!

Best regards,
~ Florian

and on the 4th try it crashed ://///

song 1484 this time

Which operating system are you using?

XP Home SP2 (all patches)

Can you please try again with this build?

This will ask you if you want to create a dump file (usually stored at C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Local Settings\Temp\Mp3tag.dmp). Would be great if you can send me this crash dump (or even two of them).

Sorry for the late reply.

Could you pm me the email adress you want me to use ?



Email with 3 dumps (it crashed 3 times in a row - at different files) attached.

Thanks for the dumps!

Can you please send me one of the files which caused the crash?

Hmm...how can i find out which one it is ?

Please let me know, if something is cryptic with this.

Well...as I've mentioned it crashed on various files.

I've noted


So...that means that mp3tag processed the files 1356 and 2139 ok when it crashed on 11170.

So...I'm not sure what file you want me to send since mp3tag might crash on it once, but not the next time....


That's too strange ... I'll try to find a potential issue with the relevant code again.

Can you please try again with this build?

Thank you!

I've removed another potential problem. Can you please try it again with this build?

Thanks for your help and time!