[F] 2.36a Crash upon Export

On 2.35p, Exporting with and invalid-syntax export file such as

"$loop(%_counter%) xcopy "%_path%" "_copied(%counter%) %_filename%.*"$loopend()

(also attached) causes a crash every time. Switching to a fresh install of and 2.36a does not fix it.

Another point: 'Display Export file now?' [Yes] launches the file rather than specifically displays it, which in the ase of a .BAT can have damaging results.

Thanks again for an excellent program, Florian. Each time I come to use it, it brightens my day! Here's another donation (20e).

CJJ_CopyBat.mte (93 Bytes)

I can confirm this problem. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you also very much for the generous donation! I'm glad that you still like it :slight_smile:

Best regards,

P.S. I'll see if I find a solution for the display export file problem.

This bug has been fixed with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,

Confirmed - V2.39c says "Non-matching number of $loop()/$loopend()". Thanks!

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