[F] 2.41 crashes when removing tag-undo on certain file names

I found the following problem:

Using MP3Tag 2.41 on Windows XP SP 2 I have a bunch on MP3s and want to clean them. My first step is always to "Remove Tag" and then to "Undo", so all broken extra tags are removed (as some tools write ID3.2 tags more than once...) When the tool reaches a file with a certain file name, then it just closes, no error message, nothing, the window simply vanishes.

Tags Read - ID3v1, ID3v2
Tags Write - ID3v2.3 ISO8859-1
Tags Remove - ID3v1, v2, APE
Remove Tag (STrg R)
Undo (Strg Z)
when the progress is reaching one of these filenames, the prog vanishes.

I am quite sure it's connected with the file name (~% might be nasty for windows?) and not with the file on it's own (but I can upload the offending files if wished).

The bug is not here on windows 2000 with Mp3Tag 2.39.

Regards, Peter

I have had the same experience using the un-do function. Still think it is a great product!

Good catch! I'll fix it to the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,

This has been fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.41c.

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