[F] 2.42d build - issues reading tags

hopefully this is the right place to post this question.

I tried 2.42d, upgrade install from 2.42c. my 2.42c build was working fine.

upon trying to read any mp3 file tags, it is significantly slower. a folder of 20-30 tracks takes 15-20 seconds or more to read in. 2.42c was 1 second or less.

additionally, it appears 2.42d has something wrong with the Length (%_length%), Codec (%_codec%), Bitrate (%_bitrate% kBit/s) and Frequency (%_samplerate% Hz) columns.

i did try the horizontal tag panel and that definitely looks promising and useful.

any ideas if it's a build problem or just something I'm doing wrong?

It's fixed now! Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

awesome, just tried it ... back to normal lightning speeds!

Thanks! :music:

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