[F] 2.44f: Filter result wrong after new sort

If you set a filter all files that match the filter are listed in the columns.

If you then klick on a row to change the sort order there are different files listed, that don't match the filter. But still the same amount of files is listed.

artist IS Beatles
There are 50 files listed.
Klick on any row to sort on this row.
50 other files are listed.

I see this also in 2.44f. Its when you click on a column to sort, not 'row' as previous poster has said

EDIT - oops sorry, already confirmed and fixed!

Oblio said (in the thread "2.44f may write tag data to the wrong files", but returned here to try to avoid "thread drift" between bug reports):

Yes - I can confirm that too.

In addition, selection state isn't preserved correctly when the filter is changed and the newly-selected set of files overlaps with the previously-selected set.

Ideally, this should select only the files that were previously highlighted AND match the new filter, although this might be difficult to use in practice because of the interactive nature of the new filtering system.



Confirmed, will fix that.

I currently see no way of preserving the selection state in such cases.

I appreciate that it would be difficult. It would be better to clear it, though, rather than have it as it is at the moment (Unofficial2.44f just "preserves" the selections on a "displayed line number basis" - meaning that items that weren't selected become selected when the filter changes).



This has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.44h Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

Accidentally posted in another thread when I meant to post in this one. I'm having the same issue still with v2.49b. Here's the crux of it (cut and pasted from other thread):

Hey Florian, sorry to raise a thread from old, but I'm having this problem with the new release: v2.49b. I filter on an artist or albumartist, etc and then sort by another field and a bunch of strange new mp3s show up...none of which match the filter.

The issue is already known and it will be fixed in the next release.

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