[F] 2.46 installer upgrade does not remove Registry keys

As per release notes (change log here):

Since v2.42, MP3TAG stored configuration details in Registry keys (see change log); these were still present after upgrade with 2.46 installer.

Recommend correction to Installer to detect if the installation is an upgrade (you probably do this already), and remove Registry keys after conversion to config files in %APPDATA%\mp3tag\ .

  1. Install 2.45a.
  2. Verify presence of Registry keys for 2.45a.
  3. Set a few configuration details in Mp3Tag.
  4. Close MP3tag.
  5. Install 2.46 installer without uninstalling 2.45a.
  6. Check Registry keys installed by 2.45a.

Registry export files attached (.Zip file).

mp3tag_246installer_bug___.zip (1.09 KB)

Thanks for reporting! v2.46a should remove the obsolete keys now.

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