[F] about the tags window

In Mp3Tag, when you go to Tags window and resize it, the text doesn't reside with the window.


What "text"? Can you make a screenshot?

Florian, if you create a field and type in "This is a very long string that does not fit into the standard-sized window, so you have to resize it" as value for example, the text appears as "This is a very long...". If you now resize the window, you would expect that the chopped off text is going to become visible since there is enough room for it now, but it does not - the visible text still remains "This is a very long...".

Thank you, Sebastian :slight_smile:

I see that this was fixed in Mp3tag 2.36, but there is a small cosmetic glitch that you might want to fix. If you open the tags window and make the dialog smaller, the listbox displays a horizontal scrollbar that is actually useless. This happens even when no value overflows the visible space. The same thing happens if you remove/add/edit a field and then make the dialog smaller.

I've silently updated the version on the server :slight_smile:

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