[F] Action Export encoding fails to default to ansi



Action Export's encoding fails to default to ANSI - with no $filename(), the encoding is UTF-8, rather than ANSI as in the case of File | Export.

[F] Letters with accents are dropped in HTML export-file (since v2.40)

Can you please check again?

Edit: Nevermind. Found the bug - thanks for reporting!


You're welcome! Thanks again for a great program, currently proving worth its weight in gold in my 12,000-track library reorg.


What's the default at $filename(test.txt) ?
I thought it was utf-8


I thought it was utf-8

I recall Florian saying he recently reverted it to ansi.



Using UTF-8 as default resulted in a bunch of false bug reports due to missing UTF-8 support in 3rd-party applications.


Ok so I've missed that..


This issue has been fixed with the current Development Build.


Confirmed fixed in V2.39o. Thanks.

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