[F] Actions Popup is outside of screen border

It appears that on my Windows 7 system there is a problem with Mp3tag respecting the screen borders. When selecting Actions from the buttonbar (the downwards arrowhead), the popup panel goes below the screen. Therefore, the only one of the scrolling arrows is visible. The behavior has existed for a few versions. I have modified my habits to use the menubar's Actions instead.

Using the Actions menu item behaves as expected. The popup is within the confines of the screen.

Thanks for your efforts.

  1. I have a solution for you. It is a one time effort.
  2. Press ALT+SPACE while the "big" window is displayed. A drop down menu is displayed
  3. Select Move from the drop down menu.
  4. Use (left, right, up, down) arrows to bring bottom-right corner inside the visible section.
  5. Press ENTER.
  6. Reduce window size using your mouse.
Repeat above until all window is fully visible.


Unfortunately, that only works for a program's main window. The popup window is temporary and is only visible when in focus. Pressing [ALT] among others cause it to lose focus and "poof." The window is the popup Actions list accessed from the buttonbar.

Again, this is non-critical as the same function is achieved from the menubar.
Thanks for the response.

Ah, now I realized you mean the dropdown menu, not the popup window.
I reduced manually the mp3tag window then pressed the actions arrow.
Yes, drop-down menu goes beyond window.

I did not checked all of my windows applications, but it seems to me, that this is standard behaviour for DropDown lists, at least within winword.exe here on WinXP.


No, it is not. The accepted behavior is to have the child-window and its parts (list box, scroll handles) visible to the user, else it would be moot. Right⸮ What is a UI component if a user cannot access it⸮

Again, this is non-critical as the function is accessible from the menubar, and that child-window is fully visible to the user.

I fully agree.

With respect to my post #5 do you speak of the borders of the screen or do you speek of the borders of a window?
See attached picture ... there is a typical behaviour when the main window of an application is smaller than on overlayed drop down list.

Maybe you want to scroll a drop down list, when the list is longer than the height of the screen?
See attached picture ...

Mp3tag does offer circular scrolling through a list by the keys [Cursor Up] or [Cursor Down].
This is already implemented for the list of the context "Tools".
Note for the developer: Mouse click can only scroll up or down, but not circular, maybe a bug?

I don't know how such behaviour can be build into the "Actions" submenu of the Mp3tag main menu.
Maybe the feature of the overboarding drop down list is not available for this submenu, because of the, fixed to top, two static entries?


If you gather some actions into logical groups (sub menus), by using the letter # in the name of the action, then the problem of "the list of actions is longer than the screen height" can be diminished.
For example:
Format TRACK#TRACK change 01.01 to 1.1.mta
Format TRACK#TRACK change 01.1 to 01.01.mta
Format TRACK#TRACK change 1.11 to 01.11.mta

But there seems to be a limit of 150 action groups overall, which can be controlled and displayed in the actions menu.
Maybe the developer can move this barrier up to significantly more than now?

DD.20140925.1101.CEST, DD.20140925.1725.CEST

Yes, that's standard mp3tag feature... Very nice.
With a bit of menu arrangement we can bypass minimize the window issue...

I've tried it locally and it works as expected. The popup menu has one arrow at the top (which is initially disabled) and one at the bottom. The popup menu does not exceed the screen height.

Can you post a screen shot?

I attached 2 images. One, accesses the Actions menu from the MenuBar. The second, accesses the Actions menu from the ToolBar drop-down.

You will notice that the image via the MenuBar is as expected. The image via the ToolBar truncates the menu, such that the lower scroll arrow is beyond the viewport. The scroll wheel on the mouse was of no help either.

Hope that this is clearer. Thanks for your work.

(The images might be switched around)

This grouping is brilliant. There should be a UI tips section where this tip is pinned. Thanks.

Wow, is this in the official documentation anywhere? It's very useful and yet I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

I finally could reproduce this after moving the taskbar to the top (inspired by your screenshots) and fixed it with the current Development Build (v2.69a) which is available from http://developer.mp3tag.de

Kind regards

Glad to help.

Confirmed to work as expected in 2.69a (or is that 2.70a, since 2.69 has already been released).

I must add that the original issue is much like fussing over not being able to find a pay-phone in you-name-it city after purchasing a mobile phone. Using "#" to create sub-menu items is the magic potion to cure all that ails.

Thanks for your work and efforts.

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