[F] Alt + Arrow shortcut broken in 2.75

I tried both of the arrow shortcuts and they are broken in the latest version. Please fix this!

I am not sure that I ever used these. What do they do or what did they do?

Do you speak about the scrolling feature within the [Alt+T] "Extended Tag View" dialog window?
If so, then I have to say, [Alt+CursorLeft] and [Alt+CursorRight] has never worked, at least on my machine.

While in the window "Extended Tag View/Metadata" the cursor keys [CursorUp] and [CursorDown] move the line cursor, and the keys [CursorLeft] and [CursorRight] move the horizontal view point.
The keys [Alt+<] and [Alt+>] move up and down the line cursor within the main filelist window.

DD.20160321.1002.CET, DD.20160321.1630.CET

There is a scrolling feature for the tags list: if you have horizontal scroll bars then pressing an arrow key with horizontal directions scrolls the list in that direction.
It does not matter though, if you press it solo or together with Alt.

The chevrons < and > have the proper labelling as hot keys (see the underscore under the chevrons). So I see nothing wrong here.

In general: if one feels that the a shortcut is missing, try to start mp3tag with a fresh cfg-file (i.e. rename the old one)

But perhaps all this is about a totally different function.

Luckily I'm still on 2.71 and the Alt Arrow keys still work. They are used when in the main panel, and are very useful for going back to a folder I previously opened up in Mp3tag.

What I would like to know is how can I get a listing of the previous folders stored in the Alt + Arrow function?

Alternately, why not have past 10 folders opened show up in the files menu, like in most applications?

If you include the directory field in the tag panel, you find the last visited folders in the corresponding drop-down list.

Thanks I didn't know about the tag panel directory feature. CTRL+Q then drop down the directory select isn't too many keystrokes. Though to go back to the directory I just visited Alt+left arrow is even faster.

I noticed the Alt+left arrow is described quite accurately in the shortcuts help page. Does this page need to be updated if Alt+left arrow no longer works in the latest version?

i can confirm that Alt-Arrow has no function.
Yet, I would not know what to expect and what the "history" mentioned in the help would be.
There are shortcuts for undo and redo.
There are buttons to open dropdown lists.
Where is the history?

Many thanks for reporting. FYI, the keyboard shortcuts are referring to the directory history that appears when you drop down the directory switcher on the Tag Panel.

I'll fix this issue with the next release.

Kind regards
– Florian

This is now fixed with v2.76. Thanks again for reporting!

Kind regards
– Florian

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