[F] "An unexpected error occured"

Within 1/2 minutes of using MP3Tag, it stops with the error message "An unexpected error occured"... it gives no futher description as to what's happened other than there's an unexpected error!

I've uninstalled and re-installed the program several times and it's still the same... I've never had this problem until the most recent update! It's extremely annoying considering I've got a whole folder of stuff I'm trying to tag, I've managed to do about 3 albums of tagging in an hour because it just keeps on stopping working constantly! This program is a godsend, but now it's practically unusable since I can't go barely a minute without it stopping and having to open again constantly!

I've attached the error file it saved to my desktop.

Mp3tag.dmp (99.3 KB)

Thanks for the error report. Can you please try the latest Beta version and check whether it fixes the issue.

If not, please send me the crash report again.

Kind regards
– Florian

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