[F] apetag2 deleted

i had an mpc file (idv1+ape2 tag) with a title that had two whitespaces in a row and after making it manually 1 whitespace, the ape2 tag was deleted. (i have all fields selected in options-tags-ape)

and i think theres also a bug concerning the display of the tag size. it grows after every saving, even if u save without a change, and if you refresh the view it shows the real size again

Hi Dano,

I personally don't see this as a bug, since I don't know why people want to store empty tag fields. Mp3tag trims leading and trailing spaces and only saves the field if there is any significant character left.

Thanks for the hint. I can reproduce that and it'll be fixed to the next release.

Best regards,
~ Florian

hm i dont know if we understood us in the first point
i ripped it with EAC and had read in the album info with freedb
so there was a file that had in the title field:

La la la  (Edit)

so i deleted 1 whitespace to make the title:

La la la (Edit)

and then i saved it and the ape2 tag was deleted :astonished:

oder erklärs mir auf deutsch, sonst versteh ich das glaub net

You're right! This is a critical bug with the latest version of Mp3tag and will be fixed with the next development build. Can you please try it with the new version?

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian

it seems to be ok now :slight_smile: