[F] Automatic removal of pauses at the end of FILENAME

Mp3tag automatically [and without any indication] can change for example

Song   .flac



If there is a tag field that has


values put in it [so it displays only names, without extensions], and a file has pauses at the end of it, after clicking such file in such tag field [gaining access to write in it] you have to press ESC to preserve such pauses; because if you even do nothing and just click some other line with other file, then those pauses will get wiped out

Although for most users such a behavior is useful [because it cleans filenames], for me sometimes it is not [because I may have some temporary copies or other version of a file, distinguished by amount of pauses at the end]

But what is more important, it is not the software that should decide how a file should look like. Doing anything without even informing the user that something was done is just plain wrong. [And that it why I consider it a bug, and why I did not post this as a request]

I just created a filename
Ducs _ Disillusion _ 012 _ June'''''.mp3
(the ' indicate the space characters which are removed by the display functions in this forum)
I used the function Convert>Tag-Filename with the format string:
The result was:
Ducs _ Disillusion _ 012 _ June'''''.mp3

No trailing space character chopped off.
This is, BTW, a frequent problem: trailing and leading spaces. And there is a special function to trim these:
I do no know how to reproduce the behaviour that you described.

The >>'<< sign will indicate a pause in the description

1] Create in file manager >>Song'''.mp3<<
2] Display it in %_FILENAME% column [without extension, so that you will see >>Song'''<<, although appearing to you as >>Song<<]
3] Click that file in that column as if you are about to change its name. You should get a selection of >>Song'''<<
4] Now click on Windows Taskbar or any other file in the list in Mp3tag

In theory you did not change the name, because you backed out. In reality, if you check now the name of that file [in Windows Explorer], it will be >>Song<< and not >>Song'''<<. The pause are gone

OK, I see it now.
Yet, it does not happen, if you use the variable %_filename_ext%.

I think that there is some advice not to use any of the file system attributes (path, directory, filename) as writable fields. Manipulate these fields with an action or a converter.

I can manage with such differences of behavior. But I just do not show extensions, to save horizontal space [so that I can squeeze in as many columns as I can]

But the point is that this happens without user being able to even notice it happening. No software should change names of files on its own. So I see it as a bug

Just out of curiosity: If you need that horizontal space - why do you have trailing space characters in the filename?
I agree with you that the program should not trim the data.

I need horizontal space for columns and all that data in them. And you can't see spaces anyhow, so you do not know in Mp3tag if you have 0, 1 or 10 of them at the end of file [when not showing also extension]- so the issue of wasted space with them simply just not exists

Those spaces, if rarely, are only temporary; for copies of files

Thanks for reporting and the detailed explanation. I'll fix that with the next release.

Kind regards
– Florian

The reported issue is now fixed with the current Development Build (Mp3tag v2.80b).

Thanks for reporting and the detailed explanation!

Kind regards
– Florian

More on this issue: [F] mp3tag 2.80 moves files when they get renamed in a path containing a folder name ending with unicode whitespaces (e.g. U+2000)

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