[F] Big Bug


I entered a directory name in Load Playlist/Cuesheet in the conventional way to find a playlist in that directory--before I could do anything else, it loaded the directory and its subs. Is that the new feature of 2.23i? I had to terminate the program with a three-finger salute as it was trying to load almost 3,000 mp3s!

PS I found that this surprise loading only occurs when you omit the backslash.

"D:\Mp3" Loads the entire directory of *.mp3 into mp3tag, leaving the dialog blank.

"D:\Mp3" The dialog behaves normally and loads subfolders and skeleton files.


I don't understand your bug-report. Please try to be a little bit more specific and give a step-by-step description.

Please also note, that the Development Builds are Betas!

~ Florian


I hope what I added helps. It's kind of what you would expect in a beta--a missing backslash turns conventional behavior into something really weird!


Yes, this helps - thanks for reporting, although it's definitely not what I'm calling a "Big Bug" :wink:

I'll fix it in a few minutes.

~ Florian


"Big bug" was in contrast to the previous post "Small bug." I just happened to discover it in the context where it would do the most damage--at the top of my directory tree--Crash! I have made similar backslash-related coding errors before and knew it would be fairly easy to fix.

P.S. Thanks for the quick response!