[F] Bug: failure of _FILENAME behaviour and does to accord

Bug: failure of _FILENAME behaviour and docs to accord

1 See Help C:/Program%20Files/Mp3tag/help/options_format.html

"Note: Actions applied to _FILENAME are applied to the whole file name including its extension."

2 On a file xxx.mp4, run an Action using FORMAT VALUE to set _FILENAME to xxx.mp3

Expected: filename xxx.mp3
Observed: filename xxx.mp3.mp4

Note: On V2.49, Help is modified to accord with behaviour.

The part you've quoted from the help file applies to the action Replace with regular expression and not to the other actions (that's why it's only noted there).

Thanks Florian, but that's not what I find on the version in question:

I think you're referring to subsequent versions. As I said "On V2.49, Help is modified to accord with behaviour."

Sorry if I was unclear.

Please check the latest from http://help.mp3tag.de before reporting outdated no-issues.

I dd. As I said in the report, "On V2.49, Help is modified to accord with behaviour."

Sorry Florian, but faults in behaviour/docs such as this are very much issues to users such as I having to deal with multiple versions due to recent changes that have made different Mp3tag versions incompatibile with each others' scripts and configurations.

By the way, your marking of this as [X] (No Bug) is inaccurate. It should be [F] (Fixed Bug).

I've changed this.

From now on I'll ignore bug reports from users not using the latest version. Thankfully, we have the version field in the forums profile.


It rejects the range of versions I am using, 2.44-2.54, with "You entered too much data for the field 'Mp3tag Version'", so I have set it to "-" for now.

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