[F] Bug with filenames with space at the end

I have found a bug with mp3 (or maybe also other filetypes?) files that have a space at the end of the filename (before the extension, eg. "filename .mp3". The file is opened ok, but when I apply a filter/action the filename showed in mp3tag is changed (the space is removed) and so all the functions on it is not possible, becaus the file is not reachable (cannot be accessed).

This sounds really interesting. I've tried to reproduce it here (by using the Filter and applying a Format value action) and couldn't reproduce it.

Which action are you applying that triggers the error?

I have a personal action, but I try also with CD-R and Standard action and it is the same. I attach my settings here, if maybe need for test.

Confirmed. I'll fix it to the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

I came to the forum just to write a bug report about the same issue... and it's already at the top! :w00t:

Here it occured after applying edited tags with the extended tags dialog.

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.46.

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