[F] Case conversion on _FIELDNAME leaves blank field



Executing a Case Conversion action on _FIELDNAME leaves behind a blank field with the name _FIELDNAME.

This must have begun with 2.39n. I just reverted to 2.39m and it doesn't have the bug.


Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it here.

Does this also happen if you only apply this action to an untagged file? On which file type are you observing this issue?


They're Flacs. As a matter of fact I tested on a group of files where I removed the Flac tag and it created a new one with only the _FIELDNAME field.


I reinstalled 2.39n and ran a test on some Mp3 files with i3v2.3 tags (although there would be no reason to do a fieldname case conversion on id3 tags) and it created a TXXX _FIELDNAME frame.


Thanks for reporting! I'll fix it to the next Development Build.



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