[F] Changes page display issue

On the Changes page text is displayed with fixed font without any wrapping. And it makes reading it absolutely inconvenient (letters are less visible on "orange-ish" background, horizontal scrolling has be used)

I believe it would be much better if text was displayed like this:

Or at least just wrapped automatically.

P.S. IE layout of the page seems to be broken:

... and it also seems reasonable to move older versions' changes into separate page - to make Changes page load faster and don't overwhelm user with the amount of changes :slight_smile:

This page is generated and I don't feel like manually adjusting the wrapping on every new release. I've move the old changes to a separate page, thanks for the suggestion.

Kind regards,

You could wrap it just by applying special styling to PRE tag - see http://users.tkk.fi/~tkarvine/pre-wrap-css...a-opera-ie.html

It won't look as "stylish" as on 2nd screenshot. But the horizontal scrollbar and readability problem will be eliminated.

P.S. I believe lines in plain text file could also be wrapped automatically (right margin = 80, continuation indentation = 20) upon "generation". But that's up to you of cause.

OK, you've convinced me. I've added an additional step to my build process which beautifies the changelog :slight_smile:

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