[F] Changing Directory and Refresh

A minor bug:
Changing a directory does not refresh if this directory is the current directory,

Ich ran into this when I moved files from my current directory to several different directories with an action. After that I forgot about my current directory and changed to the same directory instead of only refreshing the content.

I think using "Changing Directory" should always refresh the content, also when it is the same as before.

I don't know.
In respect to fast reaction of the program it is certainly wise not to reload a whole folder tree if it is the same as the one already being loaded.
I know that if s.o. accidently opens the "change folder" function that there is the cancel button to return to the current list.
I think that as soon as a change of directory always reloads the list then there will be someone who wants to have this as an option.
With this in mind I would say that the option is already there: press F5 to reload the current selection.
The good thing about F5 is that it also works with lists that do not have their origin in the same folder (e.g. you d&d files or loaded them from a playlist).
So it is mainly in your responsibility to "know" if you need a reload of the same stuff over and over again.
Me, personally, I would most certainly not rate the found behaviour as a bug.

I am still on Win XP and cannot confirm your situation.
Every time when I select the menu option 'Change Directory' or press [Strg+D] or [Alt+CursorLeft] or [Alt+CursorRight], then Mp3tag refreshes the selected folder in the list view.

Otherwise, I'm full of your opinion that a user command to do something in the file system, like changing to resp. open a folder, should be done in full consequence, that means the reload of the current existing folder content.
Be aware that changing the current directory will remove all 'undo' data at once.


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