[F] Collating sequence issue



Column and $loop() sorts have lost the collating sequence, so e.g. accented chars are misplaced e.g. agnzáñ .

Before (e.g. in V2.39c) the implementation of natural sorting, this worked fine e.g. aágnñz .


Confirmed. Thanks for reporting!


This may be related, may not be. I just noticed that sorting is Case Sensitive it appears. I sorted on 'Album Artist' (Band) and at the bottom I have "Z-Ro" followed by "iLLanova." I did the column sorting after noticing the same sorting behavour in an Export on the 'Band' field. "iLLanova" is put at the bottom when sorting on Artist aswell. :\

Again, may be related, may not. Heck, this might not be new behavour either, iLLanova is a rather recent album and I don't use MP3Tag daily, so I might have just missed it.


This has now been fixed with the Mp3tag v2.39h Development Build.


Confirmed in V2.93i. Phew! Thanks!

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