[F] compiled bugs for mp3Tag 2.35n beta

mp3Tag 2.35n Bugs
Customizing the arrangement of columns resizes all the columns to defaults.


File Mode>Customize Columns
Changing arrangement of columns [Artist, Title]

Expected Result:

  • Changes the arrangement of column

Actual Result:

  • Changes the arrangement of column
  • Resets the column width of all columns to defaults.


File View>Context-Menu Remove Tag No Confirmation

Using the File View's Context Menu-Remove Tag

Expected Result:

Confirmation of removing tag, selecting Yes removes tag, maintains tag otherwise.

Actual Result:

Removes the tag instantly.

Multiple Selection > Context-Menu "Play" Action not applied to all selected items...

Select multiple items on File View and use Context-Menu>Play "Action"
Using Winamp 5.21 [latest build], Windows Media Player 9, and Quintessential Media Player build 110 [latest build] and tested using the "Enqueue Selected" and "Play Selected" as default actions respectively.

Expected Result:
All selected files must be enqueued/played in the Playlist Editor of the player.

Actual Result:
Some of the items are not added to the playlist. Some cannot be played. Playlist Editor of the media players displays broken characters of the directory of the added song, or broken filename or broken tag of the song.

Used Explorer other actions without using mp3Tag and worked fine. Only in mp3Tag.

Tools>Options>Tools bug

go to Tools>Options>Tools
choose New Configuration
don't put anything then press OK

Expected Result:
It should not be added.

Actual Result:
Added and frequent additions displays 1, 2 and so on.
Customize Columns>Right Click copy to clipboard not working

right-clicking to Name, Value, Field and Sort by should show the Cut, Copy, Past, Delete and Select All but it does not.

Another bug:

In the local freedb dialog. When you sort the list by something (for example artist name) and you click on the Preview-Button, the preview of the album that was on that position before sorting, is shown.

But when you click on OK, you see the data of the album you wanted to see. I tested it with a few albums and every time it was the same.

So after sorting of results the Preview button is screwed up.

I can confirm #1 and #4 and the preview issue.

Fixed :slight_smile:

does #2 not considered as a bug?

Uhm, no. You can enable confirmation via Options > Messages > after delete

Nearly forgot to say:
Thanks for fixing the preview-bug. :slight_smile:

Now it's easier to find the right cd again.

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