[F] Context menu item sometimes does not populate all mp3's

OS: Vista 32-bit
Processor: Core 2 Duo E6750
Version: 2.45a

Issue: Sometimes during heavy disk or CPU load, the context menu does not cause mp3tag to launch and fully populate all selected mp3's. When this happens, only one or two random items in the selection show up within mp3tag. Closing mp3tag and trying again will properly populate the list.

While I cannot reproduce this issue here, I think that this is actually possible with the current design of opening files via the context menu.

I'm currently working on a dedicated shell extension for Mp3tag which will resolve this issue.

Context menu entries in the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.45b are now realised via a dedicated shell extension which should fix the problem.

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Yes, Florian, this seems to work, better to say it works seamless, now I can remove my user made entries from the registry, wherever this was, I have to remember, yeeeaars ago.

... but ...

For drives and folders the "Mp3tag" menu string is found in the top section of the context menu.

For files this newly entry is somewhere down in the (fifth section of my) file context menu.
Is it possible to have the "Mp3tag" menu string always at the same position for all different filesystem objects?

How can I define a shortcut, say "3", oh no this is already catched by "Pro 3" application, so will say "M" as I had it already used in my user defined menu entries?
Is it possible to change the shortcut key when at installation menu?



The position is determined by Windows and I planned to use '3' as hotkey in the next version.

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Works great, thanks!!

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