[F] Convert Tag-Filename placeholder browser

... Extended fields > length inserts %length% which expands to nothing.

Also the placeholder browser button is (still) blank.

As every placeholder does, when there is no corresponding field in the tag.

It displays a small arrow here:


Oops sorry, I'd mistaken it for the same-named item under Information fields.

It displays a small arrow here:

Not here.

Also missing at me, but works fine. It should be any Win-enhancement...

I'm using the Marlett font to display the symbol and till you've reported the issue I thought that Marlett is one of the Windows standard fonts.

Is this font available on your systems?

Is this font available on your systems?

Well, it appears in e.g. MS Word, but not Control Panel Fonts.

According to this list, it's a font that is shipped with XP.

Er, OK.

Meanwhile, what's the basis for saying the fault I've shown in the screenshot is not a bug, and marking this report [X]?

Hi Chris,

can you please open charmap.exe, select "Marlett" as font and post a screenshot where the character with the character code 0x34 is selected.



Using Mp3tag 2.41 in Alt-1 Tag-Filename dialog the symbol is missing on the button. other dialogs are fine.


This is really odd. All dialogs are using the same code for displaying the symbol on the button.


BTW, the .GIF of my initial attempt was corrupt, and I got the erroneous error:

The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error.

Chris, does this happen on all dialogs or only at a specific dialog?

Only this one... AFAIK - see attached.

Fixed. Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,

Also the placeholder browser button is (still) blank.


Confirmed in V2.41b.

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