[F] _Counter starting at zero?

I'm using tag->tag to give my titles a trailing number. Currently the files are lectures and all have the same title so I just want to add a sequence number at the end of each.

The Convert tags from/to filenames page says %_counter% should start at 1. For me it's starting at zero. (I'm using mp3tag v.2.54. on Win7.)

Could I be doing something wrong?
Is there a way to get it to start at 1?

(I suppose I could make a dummy leading file to get the first 0 and I can imagine ways to get what I want by using autonumber to shove the numbers I need into the track field and clean up the track field later, but I'm trying to do it the "right" way first.)


I assume you're trying to set both the TITLE field and the filename. If you want to do both, create an Action Group consisting of two actions:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %title% $num(%track%,2)

Action type: Format value
Format string: $num(%track%,2) %title%

Then, instead of using a converter, use the auto-numbering wizard (Tools, Ctrl-K or :mt_trackwiz:) to set the TRACK field (no need for a leading zero here). After you've set TRACK, run the action group above.

Just take care not to run the action group twice, or it will append the track number twice. If need be, you can work around that, though.

Thanks JJ, I probably will eventually have to update the filename.

But in my case there's a problem with simply using the %track% variable: half the files in the folder are lecture 1 and half are for lecture 2. Thus, while the track number increments on all files the "part" number of each lecture resets for the second half of the file. (e.g. lect1 pt 1, lect 1 pt2, ..., lect2 pt1, lect 2 pt2,...)

However I can use the track varalbe as a temp varable and mung it for now and reset it later (though doing that means one-off managing of each folder.)

But is %_counter% supposed to start at 1 or zero? Seems either a doc bug or a code bug (or possibly operator error.) If I can get _counter to start at 1 I can just select the set of files in a given lecture and zap them with the _counter suffix.

Make sense?

The Preview at tag->tag is broken, but the tagging should work and %_counter% starts from 1

Ah, that works - I should have tried it once since counter seemed popular enough in the forums.

Thanks all,

I've fixed the preview with the latest Development Build.

It's not fixed when you click on "Preview"

Thanks dano, it should be fixed now.

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