[F] Crash upon missing track (Vista)

Here lately I've been troubled with the program crashing on this Vista computer. The first several times I chalked it up to something being wrong with Vista when it happened however the problem still remains and I'm beginning to think that it's MP3Tag causing the error.

I use MP3Tag to get my tags in order after ripping a CD and whatnot before I import them into MediaMonkey. Thus, I would clean up the tags with MP3Tag, then import into MediaMonkey at which point I would use MediaMonkey's Auto-Organize feature to organize them into the proper directory and whatnot.

It's around this point when things go downhill. In earlier builds, when a track had been moved or renamed outside of MP3Tag while it was in MP3Tag's window, upon highlighting this 'missing track,' the Tag information would be blanked and all that would remain on this row would be the Path (with my Column Set-up anyway) so you could have several albums you're working on and do them bit by bit. However, in recent builds (like I said, first several times I noticed it I didn't chalk it up to MP3Tag so I can really say what build started acting up) when highlighting one of these 'missing tracks,' MP3Tag freezes up and before long Windows shows a "MP3Tag.exe has stopped working" messages or whatever and gives the option to find a solution online or close the program.

You could say that it isn't much of a problem as you shouldn't use MP3Tag in this way, however it used to function fine, so...

If anymore information is needed, lemme know. (Vista is the operating system and the current build I'm using is <-- over there in the Profile Statistics thing.)

I'm having the same problem using 3.41 and the same problem is happening to me when I click on a file that has been removed.

I cannot confirm this with the current version under Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 x86. I opened a folder, moved a file away using Windows Explorer, selected the missing file in Mp3tag and the tag values on the left and in the columns disapeared, but no crash.

That's exactly how it used to work for me, though at some point it decided to start crashing. I'll try it a couple more times sometime later to see if I notice anything else that might be of importance.

In my case, it is happening everytime. It is easy to reproduce.

I crashed it again, but this time I wrote down the "Problem details" presented on the Crash Notice thing that Vista presented.

Any of that mean anything to anyone?

This is now fixed in the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.41a. Thanks for reporting!

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