[F] Crash while editing syntax for formatstring


I use winXP and mp3tag 2.43. I want to edit the format string (Alt+1) and this causes a "Schwere Ausnahmefehler":

How I found the error:
I always name my mp3 files like that:
(%discnumber%-$num(%track%,2)) %artist% - %album%
Now I have audio books with more than 9 CDs, so I wanted to change discnumber also in two digits. By doing this I cause an error, I can easily reproduce. Single steps see below:


  1. mark all files to be renamed
  2. Menue: Konverter - "Tag - Dateiname" (also Alt+1) or from the toolbar.
  3. edit the entry (%discnumber%-$num(%track%,2)) %artist% - %album%
    (it already exsists, as I have used it before):
    I start typing at Pos1, behind the "C" and edit:
    ($num(%discnumber%-$num(%track%,2)) %artist% - %album%
    then I move the cursor behind %discnumber%
    There I would like to add ,2) to get a two digit cd-no.
    When I type , mp3tag stops ("keine Rückmeldung" in TaskManager).
    It needs some seconds, then the encl. error message occurs.

Remark: It has nothing to do with the length of the string, as it can be caused also by editing a shorter one.
Although mp3tag asks to restart, there's no need to do this. After the error is confirmed, the string can be edited and also works.
($num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2)) %artist% - %album%

Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload error.log or message, here are the texts:


Mp3tag v2.43 - 17.05.2009 - 12:04:41

OS-Version: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)

Build: Mar 28 2009 09:14:02

AppPath: 58.591.928.320 Bytes frei (C:\Programme\Mp3tag)
DataPath: 58.591.928.320 Bytes frei (C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\user\Anwendungsdaten\Mp3tag\data)
TempPath: 58.591.928.320 Bytes frei (C:\DOKUME~1\user\LOKALE~1\Temp\Mp3tag v2.43)


File: .\mtparser.cpp
Line: 88


File: .\mtttfdlg.cpp
Line: 203

error message
Schwerer Ausnahmefehler
Datei .\mtttfdlg.cpp
Zeile 203
Die Anwendung befindet sich in undefinierbarem Zustand.
Schließen Sie die Anwendung und übermitteln Sie die Datei
.... Mp3tagError.log
sowie eine möglichst genaue Fehlerentstehung an den Support
eMail ....

I hope, I was right by choosing the forum, instead the E-Mail?

Best Regards, Monika

Thanks Monika for the detailed bug report! I was able to reproduce it and will fix it with the next release.

Kind regards,

This has been fixed with with Mp3tag v2.43a.

Kind regards,

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