[F] Ctrl-A inside a tag/text field


when I edit a tag in the tag panel, then (again) Ctrl-C/V/X act as one is used to in the Windows world.
But Ctrl-A does not mark the contents of the tag field, but all the songs in the list.

Bug or Feature???


It's difficult to decide but I'd call it a feature. Especially since moving to a tag field automatically selects its content.

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IMHO it is not logical.
When I enter the list of songs, Ctrl-A should mark all songs, when I enter a text field, Cntrl-A should mark the contents of the text field. This is a standard behaviour...

I am totally with you.
The standard editing functions have to take place where the focus is.

And further on - how often I cannot remember - while the last days when editing unsynced lyrics multiline textfields I got crazy about the weird logic on inserting a line break! Once I pressed the CarriageReturn/Enter button I was thrown out of the edit field! This behaviour is not logical.
While editing lines of text I want the look and feel of a text processor, and therefore a standard Enter should cause a standard linefeed/carriage return and not leaving the edit procedure.
Leaving the edit field by pressing Shift+Enter resp. Ctrl+Enter is the better intuitive logic!!!
Florian, please do follow the common standards for common user access.


Yup, that would be nice.

I'm wondering for such a long time about this behaviour so it's a kind of Mp3Tag-Standard for me, but I forget it everytime I'm using Mp3tag again.

The New Line Issue...

Inside an Excel Cell you can insert text and create a New Line with "Alt+Enter".
Inside an HTML WYSIWYG you may take "Shift+Enter" to have a New Line instead of a new paragraph with "Enter".
Inside MS Outlook and there inside a bullet list "Enter" generates a new entry with bullet, and "Shift+Enter" makes a New Line staying inside the current bullet paragraph.

So: "Shift+Enter" or "Alt+Enter" is what you get used to in the MS world...

But Ctrl-a is only defined where the focus is...


Just released Mp3tag v2.43 Now with more Ctrl+A in edit fields :slight_smile:

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